You'd be surprised at what you and countless others would imagine. There's probably some monotony in the ideas that arise from such a simple yet thought provoking question. Some celebrity, baggy jeans, a drug addiction here and there, sports star, rapper, inmate, slave, statistic. The list of negatives go on and on. A lot of these things would obviously go unsaid, people are too afraid to verbalize their own perceived truths out of fear of judgement. As someone who's had struggles with identity in the past, asking myself the same question really got me thinking. What do you WE look like? There's got to be more to us than a court case or belt-less pants right? That's the point of this project. To help engrain in people's minds that WE aren't just forms of entertainment or sources of free labor or the people you go to when you need a dime bag. WE are a creative, artistic, and successful people. Most people just don't see it. Ever. Things may not be completely right for US in this country (or anywhere else where black and brown people live), but we're finding ways to prosper and express ourselves in the most innovative and necessary ways imaginable. This series is for those who've never seen a black poet, or photographer, or CEO, or business owner, or teacher, or anything that isn't in a music video or a mugshot.

Joekenneth is a Brooklyn, New York bred artist that I've been following for some years now on Instagram. I first saw his masterful wordsmith talents in the StreetEtiquette short film titled Slumflower and made a loyal effort to stay abreast on all his future projects. I met him randomly a few years ago at this bowling alley/dance club/bar/restaurant called the Brooklyn Bowl. Amongst other familiar faces I'd recognized from seeing online, it was a memorable place to say an introduction was made to say the least. ?uestlove was on the 1's and 2's, playing all the hits and hidden gems of the "golden era" of music. Conversations about art and creativity were naturally interrupted by periods of emphatic two-stepping and signature dance moves from whatever time period the music playing was from. From that point on, a friendship was developed and it became a no brainer to include this talented brother in this project. I implore you to check out Joekenneth's website as well as his Instagram account to see what he's up to.